Margi Desmond



"The Burden" (2015) by Crack the Spine Literary Magazine 

Stories from The Purple Stairwell  manuscript published by O-Dark-Thirty, the literary journal of the Veterans Writing Project

"Homecoming" (2015)

"A Visit to Dachau" (2015)

"Goodbye Poppy" (2014)

"Deployment" (2014)



Stories published by Over My Dead Body!Section 8 Magazine69 Flavors of Paranoia, Drunk Monkeys, and (coming soon) Mysterical-E and Bewildering Stories

"Window of Opportunity" TBP 2016

"The Love Sensei" TBP 2016

"E.R. Madness" (2015)

"I'm Right! You're Wrong!" (2015)

"The App" (2015)

"Holiday Homicide"  (2014)

"Going PostAll"  (2014)

"Goodbye, Cruel World"  (2014)

"iMurder"  (2014)

"Bon Appetit" (2013, 2016)

"Oblivious" (2013)

"Big Brother" (2013)

"Till Death Do They Part" (2012)

"Home Sweet Gnome" (2012)

"Customer Satisfaction" (2011)